Frank Ripp said:

?  Maybe it is time - if I upgrade, should it be to Frame 12 or "Frame 2015"?

Hmmm ... probably worth just going to FrameMaker 2015 in your case, I would 
think? The cost for either upgrade (well ... not an upgrade really, since it is 
a new purchase cost!) would be the same for you ... of course, the point that 
Robert Lauriston made about evaluating the competition again is well taken.

Basically, there are probably some (many?) bug fixes in FrameMaker 2015 that 
are not in FrameMaker 12 ... even though they were reported while FrameMaker 12 
was the production release. And it makes prices for future upgrades lower if 
you continue.


[off-topic rant ... here I go again ... so feel free to ignore the rest of 
this! :)]
FWIW, since FrameMaker 12 will not get these fixes now, I believe, it just 
gives more credence to my "now-well-underway" project of moving away from 
FrameMaker entirely. Also, the price for upgrades remains too high IMHO ... 
perhaps (my speculation) to try to force people to accept the monthly/annual 
subscription model version instead! Yuck. :(

IMHO, companies should fix reproducible bugs reported in released versions - 
and not by forcing us to get bug fixes by upgrading to the next version (at 
high cost). I can rationalize spending $149 (used to be the support license 
cost) to $199 (used to be the old upgrade pricing model) every other year for 
upgrades to FrameMaker. But $399 is simply too much. Since Word for short new 
documents and LaTeX for long new ones are serving my needs very well. YMMV of 

My point: in software, new versions (with upgrades at reasonable prices) should 
be for new functionality ... that can be charged for. Bugs in recent versions 
(let alone those reported on the released version!) should get free fixes. Most 
companies follow that practice till they EOL a particular release, even after 
new versions are available. Microsoft, Oracle and Cyberlink are good examples 
of this Best Practice.

I think it was Robert Lauriston who once asked me why I followed upgrade paths 
all the time ... I now think he was right to basically consider me an idiot 
(more or less)! So, FrameMaker 12 is likely to be my last version until all my 
old documents are converted away to the new tools I now use for all new 
documents! Then it will get punted permanently ... 27+ years after I first 
began using it!
[/off-topic rant]

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