We reference all graphics into our documents.  Currently we have a
couple of thousand graphics stored centrally in the same folder
location. While it can be a bit cumbersome to maintain that many
graphics in the same folder, it ends up helping us in the long run
because if a graphic is updated, it gets updated in *all* locations
where it is used.  Previously we had project-specific graphic folders,
and we found that the same graphic might be updated for one manual, but
not for another.

We avoid naming files by document name or figure number because of the
reasons Bob Kern mentioned (if you insert one in the middle, what
happens to the numbering?).  Also, most graphics are used in multiple
locations, such as in the User Guide and in the Maintenance Manuals, so
the fig. numbering really didn't apply for all uses.

Instead, we set up a naming scheme that incorporates the product/s the
graphic is used for and a pre-defined set of procedural/descriptive
words.  It took some time on the front end for our graphics team to set
this up, but it seems to be working pretty well for the most part.

Also, if links are broken, there is only one folder to point to for
updating the path.

cmartinek at zebra.com

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