Carla's point about using one graphic for all linked uses is the 
simplest. However, the single central folder of all graphics could be 

Has anyone successfully employed operating system links, aliases, or 
shortcuts in project-specific graphics folders for this purpose? The 
idea is that you can have project-specific directory structures that 
only contain links to the source graphics that are stored in a 
central location. Each project's graphics directory contains only the 
project's graphic links. FM files in each project refer to the link, 
not to the source.

The advantages are fewer graphics (links) to manage for each project, 
and a single graphic source for multiple uses.

The disadvantage is setting it up and retraining authors to use the 
new approach.

I know that unix links are reliable, and that the reliable Macintosh 
aliases are not an option past FM 7.0. Is anyone using Windows 


Peter Gold
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At 11:09 AM -0600 12/8/05, Martinek, Carla wrote:
>We reference all graphics into our documents.  Currently we have a
>couple of thousand graphics stored centrally in the same folder
>location. While it can be a bit cumbersome to maintain that many
>graphics in the same folder, it ends up helping us in the long run
>because if a graphic is updated, it gets updated in *all* locations
>where it is used.  Previously we had project-specific graphic folders,
>and we found that the same graphic might be updated for one manual, but
>not for another.

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