I use a mixed method, but reference *all* my graphics.
All scaps (screen captures) are in PNG format.
I have a Directory tree like so:

                <Nominal ROOT>
        |    |     |     |
     Pix   P1    P2    Help
      |                  |   
  -----------        -------------
  |         |        |           |  
P1_Only   P2_Only  P1_Help     P2_Help

NOTES: P1, P2 ... Have the FM files in them
       Pix has all the images except product-specific ones.

I also use a naming pattern:

but_<button name>       (scap of graphic button)
btxt_<button name>      (scap of text button)
dlg_<dialog name>_<dialog feature active (optional)>  (scap of dialog --
with feature selected if required) 
dtl_<detail identification> (scap of detail -- usually just a part of a
emess_<message name>    (scap of message dialog)
ill_<drawing identifier> (externally created line drawing, flowchart,
pic_<image id text>     (scap of a displayed function; for example the
chart of a stock)
menu_<menu name>                (scap of menu)
rmenu_<menu name>       (scap of right-click menu)
tbar_<toolbar name>     (scap of toolbar) 
wiz_<wizard name>_P<x>  (scap of wizard page 1-n)

This makes themn easy to sort/locate.
For ease of use, the product specific versions are all prefixed by a
3-character code and an underscore 
(example: PRO_dlg_YAxis_Props_Grid.png = Professional version, Y-axis
Properties dialog, Grid tab )

I also have a number of naming conventions that are peculiar to this
particular product interface
(candlestick, sample, and others)

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Carla's point about using one graphic for all linked uses is the
simplest. However, the single central folder of all graphics could be

Has anyone successfully employed operating system links, aliases, or
shortcuts in project-specific graphics folders for this purpose? The
idea is that you can have project-specific directory structures that
only contain links to the source graphics that are stored in a central
location. Each project's graphics directory contains only the project's
graphic links. FM files in each project refer to the link, not to the

The advantages are fewer graphics (links) to manage for each project,
and a single graphic source for multiple uses.

The disadvantage is setting it up and retraining authors to use the new

I know that unix links are reliable, and that the reliable Macintosh
aliases are not an option past FM 7.0. Is anyone using Windows


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