As you point out, "the only good answer is to break the book into
separate chapters."

If you don't want to take an hour or so to do that, you could probably
spend a day or so kludging work-arounds to solve the problems you want
to solve. For instance, you could substitute a hand-crafted numbering
system that would function kind of like the built-in chapter and page
numbering markers (one tag/marker set for arabic; one for roman).

I think it'd be easier to take the time to do it right the first time,
rather than to spend more time later to fix the problems.

My $ .02.


On 12/16/05, Robert Kern <bob at> wrote:
> All,
> I have a very short book (about 180 pages) that is multiple chapters but
> is currently a single Frame file.  I'd like to keep it as a single file,
> but am uncertain how to apply chapter-like chapter/figure/table
> numbering and page numbering if things are in a single file.
> How would I go from roman to arabic numbering as I leave the from matter
> and enter the first chapter?
> How would I increment the chapnum value at the start of each chapter?
> Probably the only good answer is to break the book un into separate
> files, but hoping there might be a slick use of markers as an easy work
> around.
> -bob

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