Robert Kern wrote: 

> I have a very short book (about 180 pages) that is multiple 
> chapters but is currently a single Frame file.  I'd like to 
> keep it as a single file, but am uncertain how to apply 
> chapter-like chapter/figure/table numbering and page 
> numbering if things are in a single file.

Forget it. You could work around the pgf numbering issues (figures,
etc.), but there's no reasonable workaround for page numbering. A single
file will have pages numbered consecutively throughout. There's no way
to stop and restart page numbering, much less change the numbering

You're trying to work against one of FM's greatest strengths and the way
it's intended to be used. Doesn't your book need at least a table of

There are no advantages and many disadvantages to having the entire book
in one file. That's true regardless of the book size. And 180 pages
isn't that small; I maintain several manuals that are under 100 pages,
and each is an FM book containing at least 6 or 8 files. 

Separate each chapter into its own file. Create a book file and put all
the chapters into it. Add a title page file, the appropriate generated
list files (TOC, LOF, etc.), preface, etc. Manage the numbering using
the book numbering tools (chapnum variable, file-by-file page numbering
settings, etc.). Life will be a lot simpler. 

Or, if you really want just one file -- use Word. ;-) 


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