Hi Bob:

You don't have to break the book into separate chapters for
chapter/appendix/figure/table numbering.  That can be handled by setting up
the paragraph formats to work together.  Some examples are online at
http://www.travelthepath.com/autonum.html .

The only "have to" reason for breaking into separate files is that you can't
have roman and arabic page numbers within a single file.

If you want me to walk you through some of the paragraph numbering, or
breaking into 2 files in a small book, give me a call.  

Hope all is going well with you,


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I have a very short book (about 180 pages) that is multiple chapters but 
is currently a single Frame file.  I'd like to keep it as a single file, 
but am uncertain how to apply chapter-like chapter/figure/table 
numbering and page numbering if things are in a single file.

How would I go from roman to arabic numbering as I leave the from matter 
and enter the first chapter?
How would I increment the chapnum value at the start of each chapter?

Probably the only good answer is to break the book un into separate 
files, but hoping there might be a slick use of markers as an easy work 


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