No slick trick that I'm aware of, Bob.

If you need to change numbering format (roman vs. arabic vs. alpha), 
you need to have a file break at that point.

If you're using the $chapnum (and/or $volnum) system variable,
you must have a file break wherever that number needs to increment.

You can get around the second problem by redoing your numbering 
scheme to implement chapter numbering with a regular paragraph 
numbering counter (as we all had to do in pre-6.0 versions of 
FrameMaker).  But there's no workaround I can think of for the first 

In our group, *every* FrameMaker book is built the same way from
a similar set of component files regardless of length.  Our books 
range from ~40 pages up to more than 600, but they are all assembled
the same way so that anybody who works with the book will be able 
to understand how the numbering is supposed to work when it comes 
time to publish.

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I have a very short book (about 180 pages) that is multiple chapters but

is currently a single Frame file.  I'd like to keep it as a single file,

but am uncertain how to apply chapter-like chapter/figure/table 
numbering and page numbering if things are in a single file.

How would I go from roman to arabic numbering as I leave the from matter

and enter the first chapter?
How would I increment the chapnum value at the start of each chapter?

Probably the only good answer is to break the book un into separate 
files, but hoping there might be a slick use of markers as an easy work 


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