John Sgammato wrote:
> When I select Object Properties on a referenced image on my home PC,
> FrameMaker freezes.
> I am trying to rebrand a finished book with all new screenshots. I
> have done this a hundred times and it is easy - look at the image to
> be replaced, get a new screenshot and save it as the same name, and
> continue. But to do it I need to know the name of the image I am
> replacing, and i do that by getting the Object Properties. I know
> there are other ways, but this way is very fast and
> efficient....until now!
> Any ideas?

No idea why your PC freezes (other than that it's running Windoze...;), 
but an alternate solution for your immediate task would be to create a 
Special > List of > Imported graphics and work from that to get your 
screenshot names and their corresponding pages.


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