Hi John,

I use a similar method for replacing screenshots: look at the Object
Properties of the existing screenshot to get the file name, etc., and then
replace the screenshot.

I have also had Frame freeze during this process. It happens if the Object
Properties dialog box is still open when I overwrite the current image. In
other words, if I do the following:

- Right-click the current image
- Open Object Properties
- Get the file name
- Switch immediately to SnagIt (without closing the Object Properties dialog
box in Frame)
- Snap the replacement screenshot
- Save the replacement image in SnagIt to overwrite the original image (same
file name/location)

When I return to Frame it is locked up and must be restarted.

If you are experiencing the same problem, just close that Object Properties
dialog box in Frame before you overwrite the original image and you should
be OK.


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