At 08:31 -0700 27/4/06, Guy K. Haas wrote:

>But Visio 2003 does not offer .eps among its save-as options.  The most 
>desirable of the offerings (for line drawings) seem to be .gif, .png, and 
>.svg[z].  My guess would be .svg because it's vector.
>Any guidance on
>1. whether FrameMaker can embed Visio objects
>2. if not, then what's the best format for embedding the graphic file.

Hi Guy

I went through some real pain on this a couple of years ago. From memory, what 
we found was that:

. My understanding is that FrameMaker cannot embed .vsds

. Most of the export filers in Visio produced what one could politely call 
'visual artifacts'

. The specific deficiencies of the various export filters varied with the 
revision of Visio in use

. The 'best' (used in a very relative sense) option was to export from Visio as 
.emf, import .emf into Illustrator, touch up there, export as .eps from 
Illustrator, and import the .eps into FrameMaker.

Two caveats:

. This was all on the Mac, and the situation on PC FrameMaker may be different.

. Things may have improved in the interim (although I'm not hopeful)

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