Another option is to include, in your preliminary sentence, a
crossref/link to the basic navigational steps they need to perform to
get to the tab.

That way the nav info's available for the novices and not in the way
for the more experienced.


On 8/10/06, Tammy.VanBoening at <Tammy.VanBoening at> 
> Well Richard, as you stated:
> Unless you're writing for complete computer
> novices
> You hit the nail right on the head - in some cases we are, in other cases
> we aren't. The crux of the matter is that both audiences will have to use
> this same guide. Plus, they will so infrequently use these background
> applications, that their learning curve would be just for the day that
> they are using the program and then it would be a fresh start all over
> again.
> So . . . . I dunno' at this point. I think waiting for customer feedback
> on the guide is what I need to do.

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