At 06:18 -0800 28/11/06, Dov Isaacs wrote:

>I think that you are confusing two separate facilities, the "Ink Manager" and 
>the "Convert Colors" facility.

You're right, I was. I appreciate that this has become an Acrobat discussion, 
but the source came from FrameMaker.

Here's an interesting thing. I revisited the 8 Pro demo, and opened a 
Mac-originated pre-press PDF in it. The first thing I noticed was that the 
output preview was showing a 20% grey process plate that should not exist, and 
which is most definitely not shown when the same PDF is viewed in Acrobat Pro 6 
on Mac.

Next, I tried out the color remapping. This PDF has three different Pantones, 
201CVU, 201C and 201U, while the C, M and Y channels have no content. Leaving 
the process plates alone, I used the 'convert color' feature to map 201CVU and 
201C both to 201U. At the end of the process, an imported graphic that had 
previously shown only spot Pantone 201C and black was showing C, M and Y 

All a bit confusing, but the color remapping feature does indeed seem to work. 
The extraneous 20% process gray worries me, though.


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