I think that you are confusing two separate facilities,
the "Ink Manager" and the "Convert Colors" facility.

The "Ink Manager" can be used to alias spot colors and/or
to cause spot colors to be printed as process. Given that
FrameMaker Windows has no ability to natively output
spot colors :-(  the Ink Manager is somewhat useless with
regards to FrameMaker output. And yes, settings done with
the Ink Manager for a PDF file are not persistent (they
don't "stay" with the PDF file if it is saved). They
exist only as long as the PDF file is open.

The "Convert Colors" facility is a totally separate beast.
It allows colors to be actually changed such as RGB to
CMYK using ICC profiles (not the dumb PostScript RGB to
CMYK conversion) or RGB (or CMYK) to grayscale. The changes
made with this facility are preserved if you then save
the PDF file.

"Adobe UK Support" either didn't understand what you were
trying to find out or gave you the wrong answer or both.

        - Dov

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> At 12:22 -0800 27/11/06, Dov Isaacs wrote:
> >A more inclusive "fix" would be to not use the driver option 
> but to use the color conversion features of Acrobat 7 Pro or 
> Acrobat 8 Pro.
> This is topical, as I've just trialled 8 Pro for a very 
> similar reason.
> It is my understanding that some 'advanced' features such as 
> ink aliasing work only for print/press/RIP output from 
> Acrobat 8 Pro: that is, they cannot be used to edit a PDF so 
> that colors are permanently remapped. Adobe UK support 
> confirmed this. However, I'm still slightly surprised, as it 
> means that the features are only of use to print shops, and 
> not to, say, those who supply pre-press PDFs.
> Perhaps Dov could confirm this?
> -- 
> Steve

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