At 12:22 -0800 27/11/06, Dov Isaacs wrote:

>A more inclusive "fix" would be to not use the driver option but to use the 
>color conversion features of Acrobat 7 Pro or Acrobat 8 Pro.

This is topical, as I've just trialled 8 Pro for a very similar reason.

It is my understanding that some 'advanced' features such as ink aliasing work 
only for print/press/RIP output from Acrobat 8 Pro: that is, they cannot be 
used to edit a PDF so that colors are permanently remapped. Adobe UK support 
confirmed this. However, I'm still slightly surprised, as it means that the 
features are only of use to print shops, and not to, say, those who supply 
pre-press PDFs.

Perhaps Dov could confirm this?


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