At 06:18 -0800 28/11/06, Dov Isaacs wrote:

>I think that you are confusing two separate facilities, the "Ink Manager" and 
>the "Convert Colors" facility.

That is quite possible: I only had a short time to try out Acrobat 8 Pro. 
Another FrameUsers contributor had pointed me at the ink manager after seeing n 
8 Pro demo, which is why I was concentrating on it.

>The "Ink Manager" can be used to alias spot colors and/or to cause spot colors 
>to be printed as process. Given that FrameMaker Windows has no ability to 
>natively output spot colors :-(  the Ink Manager is somewhat useless with 
>regards to FrameMaker output.

But not on Mac, perhaps? ;-)

> And yes, settings done with the Ink Manager for a PDF file are not persistent 
> (they don't "stay" with the PDF file if it is saved). They exist only as long 
> as the PDF file is open.

Thanks for the confirmation.

>The "Convert Colors" facility is a totally separate beast. It allows colors to 
>be actually changed such as RGB to CMYK using ICC profiles (not the dumb 
>PostScript RGB to CMYK conversion) or RGB (or CMYK) to grayscale. The changes 
>made with this facility are preserved if you then save the PDF file.

Right. I shall return to the demo version and work some more with it.

>"Adobe UK Support" either didn't understand what you were trying to find out 
>or gave you the wrong answer or both. Sorry!

No problem. It's really quite hard to get complex technical issues over in a 
short phone call, especially when you're discussing completely new features in 
an application, and you're both under pressure. I could tell that the guy at 
the other end was thrashing his tech database quite hard.


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