Many thanks to Steve Rickaby, Art Campbell, and Bruce Foster.

  It was a combination of responses that solved the problem.

  My numbering scheme was set as T:Table <n+>. 

  Steve provided some old (2001) information on the proper formatting of 
Complex Book Numbering (Numbering in FrameMaker from Falcon Interactive 
Multimedia). Page 14 of this document it describes the "correct" method to get 
consecutive numbering of Figures and Tables across a book.

  Then, Bruce hit on the other real key of setting Paragraph Numbering (File > 
Numbering). Set Paragraph Numbereing, in my case, to Continue Numbering from 
Previous (our documents don't use Paragraph Numbering, but this setting affects 
Figure and Table numbering, when the "correct" numbering scheme is set).

  So, changing my numbering scheme to:

  F:Figure < > < > <n+>
  T:Table < > < > < > <n+>

  and setting the Paragraph Numbering

  solved my problem.

  Again, many thanks and I hope that everyone has a joyful holiday season.

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