David Spreadbury wrote:

> our documents don't use Paragraph Numbering

Oh yes they do :-)

Remember, in FM, everything that ends with either a pilcrow (the backwards P
symbol) or an end-of-flow symbol is a "paragraph".  Your Figure captions are
paragraphs. Your Table titles are paragraphs. Your Table cells are paragraphs.
When Frame refers to "Paragraph Numbering", it is talking about the
Autonumbering variables -- and you set those variables in the *Paragraph*
Designer, right?  Doesn't matter if they're captions, headings, table 
cells, or
otherwise empty placeholders for anchored frames -- they're all 
paragraphs, and
if they have any kind of variable in the Autonumber box, they use Paragraph

If you can get hold of the white papers mentioned by others, it's well 
worth the
time to study them and get a good understanding of how numbering works in FM.
(If you can't get hold of them, write me off list and I'll zip them up for you
when I'm back in the office next week.)

Best wishes to all for 2007,
Stuart Rogers
Phoenix Geophysics Ltd.

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