I think what you'll need to do is import all three generated tables
into a container file that is not a generated file. For example, you
might have a non-generated book component called FrontMatter.fm
that has the headings for the TOC, LOF, and LOT, but which 
includes the actual listings for each as a text inset. The actual 
generated files would be included in the book file as the last three
items so that you can easily exclude them when it comes time to 
print the book.  

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I looked in the archives for this, but didn't see an answer to this
particular question.

What I want to do is import my LOT and LOF into my TOC, so that they
would be at the end, each under a heading saying "List of Tables" and
"List of Figures" respectively.

I seem to remember that you're supposed to put the headings into the TOC
and then import the files.

Every time I try that and regenerate the file, the headings disappear
and the lists are printed before my TOC headings. It doesn't seem to
make any difference whether I put in a page break before the headings.

I'm not sure what to try next.

Any help is appreciated.

Does anyone remember me from RadiSys a few years ago? You guys were a
HUGE help to me back then!

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