Fred Ritter wrote:
> I think what you'll need to do is import all three generated tables
> into a container file that is not a generated file. For example, you
> might have a non-generated book component called
> that has the headings for the TOC, LOF, and LOT, but which
> includes the actual listings for each as a text inset. The actual
> generated files would be included in the book file as the last three
> items so that you can easily exclude them when it comes time to
> print the book.

Fred, how would I handle the master pages? I don't want any blank pages
in the middle of the TOC, LOF and LOT, but the TOC length keeps changing
and I don't want to keep switching the master pages manually.

This is so frustrating because I *know* I've done this before with no
manual upkeep, I just can't remember how.

Thanks for your help, and keep the suggestions coming everybody!



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