There are a couple of ways to do this, Anne.

Method 1 (Easier, but less elegant)
        In your book, move the generated lists to immediately after the
TOC. Then in the book setup, set the geenerated files to continue the
settings of the previous file for page & chapter numbering.  The only
downside to this is that they will start at the top of a new page, no
matter how much white space is left before.

Method 2
        In your book, move the generated lists to the very front of the
book, so they get generated first. Set the flows for these files to be
some value greater than "A" (or whatever the flowname value is for the
TOC -- "A" is the default). Then insert the contents of the files as
text inserts following the TOC contents.  


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I looked in the archives for this, but didn't see an answer to this
particular question.

What I want to do is import my LOT and LOF into my TOC, so that they
would be at the end, each under a heading saying "List of Tables" and
"List of Figures" respectively.

I seem to remember that you're supposed to put the headings into the TOC
and then import the files.

Every time I try that and regenerate the file, the headings disappear
and the lists are printed before my TOC headings. It doesn't seem to
make any difference whether I put in a page break before the headings.

I'm not sure what to try next.

Any help is appreciated.

Does anyone remember me from RadiSys a few years ago? You guys were a
HUGE help to me back then!

Anne Robotti
Technical Writer
Journal Register Company
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