Grant Hogarth wrote:

> Method 2
>       In your book, move the generated lists to the very front of the
> book, so they get generated first. Set the flows for these files to be
> some value greater than "A" (or whatever the flowname value is for the
> TOC -- "A" is the default). Then insert the contents of the files as
> text inserts following the TOC contents.

I just wanted to update the group to say that a modification of this
turned out to be the ticket.

I set the flows for the LOT and LOF to "B". 
I inserted the files by reference at the end of the TOC, and set them to
automatically update when the book was generated.
I didn't have to move them to the front of the book.

I think changing the name of the flow was what did the trick.

Thanks Grant, and thanks everyone else who called or emailed me

Anne Robotti


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