I got two emails from them today to to different accounts. One is the Framers 
account, the other is one listed on my site, so it looks like he's harvesting 
from many sources. That's not to say this list isn't one of them, but he's 
going all out in collecting them.

I've deleted them, but I think next time I'll ask him to stop sending to me. If 
he continues then I may follow up with a terabyte of attachments using Word to 
bulk mail him.

I suggest anyone who gets a message just send a quick note to let him know the 
issue, and, if it continues, then get nasty.

Dropping off this list because of a few nuisance emails may not be worth it. 
Heck, you may want to set up an automated rule to just delete anything from his 


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OK, this jerk is spamming again.  How long will the list administrators allow 
this guy to spam the list?

I think this list is a great resource, but I will bail if I'm going to be 
exposing my email to all kinds of crap like this.

John Huntington

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Subject:        Typesetting & Related Services
Date:   Thu, 23 Feb 2006 07:26:11 +0530
From:   Aggarwal, Dhiraj <dhi...@e-bookservices.com>
To:     <jhuntington at runbox.com>


I apologize for intruding into your busy schedule. Please allow me to introduce 
ourselves to you.

We are engaged in providing book-related services to international clientele 
(http://www.e-BookServices.com). Located in India, we cater to both 
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Our range of services include, but are not limited to:
- Typesetting in QuarkXPress, InDesign, FrameMaker etc (in multiple languages)
- Format conversion (eg. conversion from PageMaker to QuarkXPress, InDesign 
etc, including cross-platform)
- Formatting of manuscripts (MS-Word, WordPerfect etc)
- Graphic Design and Pre-Press jobs (including logo/book cover design)
- Desktop Publishing (DTP)
- Keying-in, scanning and OCR (for re-prints, archives, web publishing etc)
- e-Books Creation (PDFs, MobiPocket etc)
- XML Conversion 

Many companies are now outsourcing their work to nIndia. Not only do they 
achieve substantial cost savings, but the availability of a large number of 
professionally trained personnel also ensures a high quality of work. We can 
serve you efficiently and cost effectively, and deliver as per your customized 

We are one of the leading Indian organizations in our field, and serve many 
international organizations. For accomplishing jobs with us, a team of highly 
trained and dedicated professionals work at our state-of-the-art facilities 
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We understand the basic international business processes and ensure that all 
projects undertaken by us are completed within the stipulated time period with 
complete confidentiality, accuracy, and quality.

You do not need to pay us a deposit. Entire payment may be made after receiving 
satisfactory delivery of service.
References can be provided on request.

If you are interested in cutting your current costs to at least one-third, 
increasing your profit margins without compromising on the quality and 
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Dhiraj Aggarwal
Mobile: +(91) 98100 50809
E-mail: info at e-BookServices.net , info at e-BookServices.com
URL:  http://www.e-BookServices.com


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