John Huntington wrote:

> OK, this jerk is spamming again.  How long will the list administrators 
> allow this guy to spam the list?
> I think this list is a great resource, but I will bail if I'm going to 
> be exposing my email to all kinds of crap like this.

Technically I agree that this falls into the category of spam, but at 
least I'd say that it's targeted spam. Compared to the 100+ offers to 
extend my penis or make it perform like a Formula 1 race car that 
receive every day (despite two filters), I find the occasional spam from 
a document company pretty acceptable in this forum.

Besides, plenty of people promote products, conferences or services on 
this list, myself among them. I suppose the poster could use something 
in the subject line to indicate that it's an advertisement, but being on 
the digest, I don't pay much attention to them anyway. Best just to 
ignore it, I think.


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