Not to make you crazy, but there are bots who just try combinations of
letters and numbers and send out thousands of spams. Then they track the
ones that don't get a bounce to verify valid addresses. Your address is an
easy one to generate this way.

My fiance had an earthlink account just for backup - he never used it. 30
days after opening the account, he was getting about 100 spams a day. We
closed it.


Sharon Burton
CEO, Anthrobytes Consulting
Immediate Past President of IESTC

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I don't mean to beat this to death, but I submitted my unsubscribe
command and am just now getting time to accept the confirmation (which I
will do after sending this message).

But just a couple quick things.  On January 1st, I changed email
addresses, and I have been very careful about where I've posted that
address.  I have now gotten exactly >>two<< spam messages so far this
year, and both are from this Indian Framemaker spammer.   I responded
each time and told him to unsubscribe me, but he continues to spam me,
and many others on this list (who responded to me).   If he is this
unethical, he'll probably sell the addresses.

I just started using Framemaker this year, and I have subscribed to
exactly two online resources: this list, and Adobe's online forum.
Adobe's forum hides email addresses, this list does not (nor should
it).   The most likely way this guy got my email, then, is from this
list.   I'm disappointed that the leadership of this list won't take
action against this guy, so I'm sorry to go.

Thanks to all for the excellent advice everyone gave me here, and sorry
to have caused problems for anyone.

John Huntington

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