At 10:40 AM -0600 2/23/06, Donald M. Rinderknecht wrote:
>Hey, if you've only gotten TWO spams this year, consider yourself way ahead of 
>the game! (I get about 200 per day it seems!)
>This list is actually very clean in terms of  SPAM.

 I've been on this list with the same address for more than a decade and (and 
several other lists as well). I get perhaps a dozen to 18 spams a day at this 
address and consider myself to be very fortunate that it's not more. At my 
university account, which I've never used on any list of any kind, I get more 
like 60 spams a day. If you've got two this year then you don't have a spam 
problem. The information from the list is way too valuable to drop your 
subscription for even 20 spams a day.

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