I use FrameMaker daily, for letters and a variety of business forms,
as documents to receive and organize internet information including
FrameUsers threads, and as a flexible receiver of pictures and stories
for pdf albums. I find these tasks unbearable in Word, just as writers
in this forum find Word unbearable for complex structured documents.
My response to the August 2004 FrameMaker Survey was a request that
FrameMaker be offered to a much broader market, affording price
competition with Word. We should hope to find FrameMaker at Kinko's.

I invite a conversation on this subject. Isn't FrameMaker the best
word processor? Do others find FrameMaker the best application for
albums? I am content with v5.5.6 for what I do, and apologize if I
should be aware of existing templates for a broader market, in v7.

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