In the really old days, it was common to print FM files to PostScript 
files using a PostScript printer driver provided or specified by the 
print vendor.

PDF has changed how print vendors see the world, now. Instead of 
having to learn zillions of quirky and not-so-quirky applications, 
they just need to know PDF well.

There's more speculation on what could possibly happen regarding a 
marriage of ID and FM, than the tabloids have on <insert name your 
favorite/least favorite celebrity couple>.

At 1:55 PM -0500 1/10/06, John Sgammato wrote:
>Long ago there was a product called FrameReader that enabled the user to
>view but not edit .fm files. It was very inexpensive, in the $29.95
>I remember a printer I worked with in Boston bought it so they could
>more easily work with my files.
>These days I have no trouble with sending a PDF to the printer. I send
>covers and an installation poster as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator
>files, but FrameMaker files still have to go as PDF. It is another step
>to my process, but not an onerous one.
>In my experience, if there is an issue that would cause a printer to
>want to tweak my files, there is probably an underlying problem that I
>want to know about. For example, if the font is a tiny bit different,
>but different enough to cause a problem in one place that the printer
>wants to tweak, then it might also cause a problem somewhere else that
>we won't see until too late.
>I wonder if a future version of FrameMaker will merge with InDesign?


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