You can use Final Draft by Quadralay to convert FM docs to an xml format that 
anyone with their free reader can read and/or mark up.   It's similar to the 
Acrobat 7 Pro setup.  Lotsa bucks for the main program, but the reader is free.

And I sure hope hat FM never merges with InDesign.  The InDesign GUI is just 
plain awful and the online help is not helpful at ALL.  I certainly hope i 
never have to use it again.


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>Long ago there was a product called FrameReader that enabled the user to
>view but not edit .fm files. It was very inexpensive, in the $29.95
>I remember a printer I worked with in Boston bought it so they could
>more easily work with my files. 
>These days I have no trouble with sending a PDF to the printer. I send
>covers and an installation poster as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator
>files, but FrameMaker files still have to go as PDF. It is another step
>to my process, but not an onerous one. 
>In my experience, if there is an issue that would cause a printer to
>want to tweak my files, there is probably an underlying problem that I
>want to know about. For example, if the font is a tiny bit different,
>but different enough to cause a problem in one place that the printer
>wants to tweak, then it might also cause a problem somewhere else that
>we won't see until too late. 
>I wonder if a future version of FrameMaker will merge with InDesign? 
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>I use FrameMaker daily, for letters and a variety of business forms,
>as documents to receive and organize internet information including
>FrameUsers threads, and as a flexible receiver of pictures and stories
>for pdf albums. I find these tasks unbearable in Word, just as writers
>in this forum find Word unbearable for complex structured documents.
>My response to the August 2004 FrameMaker Survey was a request that
>FrameMaker be offered to a much broader market, affording price
>competition with Word. We should hope to find FrameMaker at Kinko's.
>I invite a conversation on this subject. Isn't FrameMaker the best
>word processor? Do others find FrameMaker the best application for
>albums? I am content with v5.5.6 for what I do, and apologize if I
>should be aware of existing templates for a broader market, in v7.

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