Long ago there was a product called FrameReader that enabled the user to
view but not edit .fm files. It was very inexpensive, in the $29.95
I remember a printer I worked with in Boston bought it so they could
more easily work with my files. 

These days I have no trouble with sending a PDF to the printer. I send
covers and an installation poster as Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator
files, but FrameMaker files still have to go as PDF. It is another step
to my process, but not an onerous one. 

In my experience, if there is an issue that would cause a printer to
want to tweak my files, there is probably an underlying problem that I
want to know about. For example, if the font is a tiny bit different,
but different enough to cause a problem in one place that the printer
wants to tweak, then it might also cause a problem somewhere else that
we won't see until too late. 

I wonder if a future version of FrameMaker will merge with InDesign? 

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I use FrameMaker daily, for letters and a variety of business forms,
as documents to receive and organize internet information including
FrameUsers threads, and as a flexible receiver of pictures and stories
for pdf albums. I find these tasks unbearable in Word, just as writers
in this forum find Word unbearable for complex structured documents.
My response to the August 2004 FrameMaker Survey was a request that
FrameMaker be offered to a much broader market, affording price
competition with Word. We should hope to find FrameMaker at Kinko's.

I invite a conversation on this subject. Isn't FrameMaker the best
word processor? Do others find FrameMaker the best application for
albums? I am content with v5.5.6 for what I do, and apologize if I
should be aware of existing templates for a broader market, in v7.

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