Hi Greg,
This is just a stab in the dark but is FrameMaker capable of recognizing the
modified kerning? FrameMaker is Unicode blind and as such cannot see
anything beyond the standard ANSI 256 characters.
After the registry song and dance I had to do to get it to recognize
Cyrillic and Baltic glyphs in my Myriad Pro fonts, I'm not so sure it's
capable of reading the kerning changes, so it defaults to the standard for
that font.
InDesign and Word, on the other hand, are Unicode savvy, so I'm not
surprised they sees the changes. Is this an OpenType font by any chance?

Berny Gagn?
Sr. Technical Writer
Husky Injection Molding Systems
Bolton, Ontario, Canada

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Thanks, but I am not talking about the on-screen appearance. I did not know
about this ini file setting, however, what I am referring to is the actual
PDF and hardcopy appearance. 

And it only concerns the space character. Like I add 30 units of kerning
between the f and the space (inside the font with FontLab) and this added
kerning does not show up even if I turn on the kerning pairs in FrameMaker. 

However, this kerning does show up in InDesign or Microsoft Word.

Best, Greg

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Are you talking about on-sreeen appearance? In hard copy? In PDF?
If the kerning is OK in print and/or PDF, you need to look at the
DisplayUsingPrinterMetrics item in your maker.ini file to see whether it's
equated to Off or On.

Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

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>Dear Framers,
>I have found (I believe it is) a bug) in FrameMaker in regards to 
>kerning pairs.
>I have FontLab and I, for example, kerned two characters which are the 
>f and the space. I did that because the f was "leaning over" to the 
>right and was touching the first letter of the word. For example: "of 
>How" where f touched the H even though there was space entered in 
>So I opened the font and fixed the kerning pair of the f and the space. 
>It looked great.
>I install the font and the characters are still crashing. Of course the 
>Pair Kern was turned ON.
>Then I checked the same thing in MS Word and InDesign and when the 
>kerning was turned on, the kerning pair I did inside the font was 
>applied and showed up.
>But not in FrameMaker.
>Does anyone know about this and know how to handle it? Any plug-ins or 
>FrameScript for this?
>Any data would be greatly appreciated.
>Best, Greg

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