I'm sure you realize that your custom kerning only works with the 
font you modify. You'd need to embed the font in PDFs you provide, to 
assure the same result for your recipients.

Have you considered replacing "final-f+space" sequences in your 
documents with something like "final-f+thin space+space," or 
"final-f+en space," to avoid the overhang?

>To answer your question, yes, FrameMaker is capable of recognizing the
>modified kerning. Just have to turn on the "Pair Kern" on the character
>designer and it is fine...
>It does not work with the space character. That is what I am trying to
>I kerned (in FontLab) the f and the space character so the top right serif
>of the f does not lean over the space too much and does not touch the next
>word. However FrameMaker does not show this neither on screen nor in printed
>format. Unlike Word or InDesign.


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