Hi Berny,

To answer your question, yes, FrameMaker is capable of recognizing the
modified kerning. Just have to turn on the "Pair Kern" on the character
designer and it is fine...


It does not work with the space character. That is what I am trying to

I kerned (in FontLab) the f and the space character so the top right serif
of the f does not lean over the space too much and does not touch the next
word. However FrameMaker does not show this neither on screen nor in printed
format. Unlike Word or InDesign. 

I tried it with Type 1 and OpenType fonts. None works. 

Maybe the space character itself is not part of the 256 ANSI characters??? I
definitely do not see it on the Character Map. But it is sure part of the
font when I do the kerning pairs.

Do you have any further data on this? Or someone on the list?

Best, Greg

Hi Greg,
This is just a stab in the dark but is FrameMaker capable of recognizing the
modified kerning? FrameMaker is Unicode blind and as such cannot see
anything beyond the standard ANSI 256 characters.
After the registry song and dance I had to do to get it to recognize
Cyrillic and Baltic glyphs in my Myriad Pro fonts, I'm not so sure it's
capable of reading the kerning changes, so it defaults to the standard for
that font.
InDesign and Word, on the other hand, are Unicode savvy, so I'm not
surprised they sees the changes. Is this an OpenType font by any chance?

Berny Gagni
Sr. Technical Writer
Husky Injection Molding Systems
Bolton, Ontario, Canada

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