You're probably right. My group (prior to my coming on board) used to
use IL and switched to FM. I ran into a need for using IL when I had
to dig up some old docs. Very arcane, manual tool.

On 1/19/06, Ridder, Fred <fred.ridder at> wrote:
> I'd almost guarantee that for 80% of the Interleaf users, the only
> factor that really matters is that they don't have to change what
> they've been doing for the last dozen years.  They've got a lot of
> time and energy invested on making it second nature to use a
> tool that most people consider arcane. They simply don't want
> to forced to change to *any* other tool that might involve a similar
> learning curve. The more difficult a tool was to learn, the more
> likely it is that proficient users will be strongly averse to adopting
> a new tool (unless they are tool geeks like me...)

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