At 5:15 pm -0500 19/1/06, John Huntington wrote:

>Is there some way I could have one set of dynamic paragraph and character 
>formats shared by the entire book? 

No - for that, you need Interleaf... (ROFL)

Seriously, John, what you are doing with para formats is correct for 
FrameMaker. If, say, you change a paragraph (or a character) format in one 
document within a book, there are two basic approaches:

. If you keep all paragraph and character formats the same across a book (I 
prefer to, others don't), just import the required formats from the changed 
document to the remainder of the book using the File -> Import -> Formats 
command from the book window.

. If you prefer to play safe, or don't have all paragraph formats synchronized 
across the book, save a separate copy of the document with the changed 
format(s), *delete* from it all but the changed formats, and then import them 
from that copy across the book, discarding the copy afterwards.

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