> Ok, for those of you following along :-)  I've now 
> got my whole book imported, got the TOC generating, 
> got each of the 50 chapters in a separate file, got
> "Volumes" set up to generate part numbering, etc. 
> Now I'm starting to see global formatting things I 
> want to do, but I'm a bit confused.   For example, 
> I'd ideally like to have the exact same Paragraph 
> Formats across every document in the book.   The 
> only way I've figured out how to do this so far is 
> to create the formats as I want them in one document, 
> and then with the Book window selected, and
> all the chapter files highlighted, import those 
> formats to all other 
> documents.  Is there an easier way to do this? 

That' it...bucko
> Is there some way I could have one set of dynamic 
> paragraph and character formats shared by the entire 
> book?  That way, if on Chapter 23 I decide I need a 
> new character format I could go back into Chapter
> 2 and use it without importing, etc.

You mean like a CSS file that every file subscribes to?

I've been asking it for years. 

> Also, I'd like to change a Header format in one 
> place and have it "update all" across the whole 
> book, but that doesn't seem to work either :-(

Now...that should work. but only within the file. When you make the
change, are you clicking "Update All" To do it book wide, you have to
copy that format to all of the other files in the book. Display the
book, highlight all the files in the book, then import the format
from the file in which you made the change.

> Thanks!
> John
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