> Solicit opinions from a IL/Quicksilver list in the same manner. Beware
> though as some of your colleagues may be on those lists - write from a
> neutral email address and don't mention too many identifying details.
> Sorry, I've no idea if any lists even exist, but I'd assume they do.

Why be so sneaky? I'd blurt it right out...

"Hi, I'm Bill and I work for XYZ Corp. We're currently consolidating
down to one authoring tool from three, and we're down to deciding
between FrameMaker and Quicksilver. I'm looking for pros and cons to
moving to Quicksilver over FrameMaker. I asked a similar question
about FrameMaker on the FrameUsers list. If you'd like, I'll post a
summary of both findings. Thanks!"

Bill Swallow
HATT List Owner
WWP-Users List Owner
I support Char James-Tanny for STC Secretary.

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