I believe, if you read the copyright notice on frameusers.com, you
will see that ownership of posts is retained by the author. And I
would submit that because the content of the site is copyrighted as a
body, that body-of-work further documents each posting as belonging to
the author.

I eagerly await your contract proposal for assigning rights (and the
subsequent royalty checks) for usage of my posts off the list, as I'm
sure most members do. ;- )


On 1/26/06, Jakob Fix <jakob.fix at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> for some of my recent Frame problems, I received very useful
> information through this mailing list.  I would like to add references
> to these posts to our internal documentation, preferably just a URL
> per post.  However, I'm not sure this is possible with the Lyris
> mailing list software (and its blasted, slow archive).
> Would it be a good idea to add this list to gmane.org?  From the site:
> "This is what Gmane offers. Mailing lists are funneled into news
> groups. This isn't a new idea; several mail-to-news gateways exist.
> What's new with Gmane is that no messages are ever expired from the
> server, and the gateway is bidirectional. You can post to some of
> these mailing lists without being subscribed to them yourself,
> depending on whether the mailing lists allow non-subscribers to post
> or not.
> "In addition, Gmane does spam detection, cross-post handling, has a
> TMDA-fueled encryption/forwarding service, a web interface, respects
> X-No-Archive, supplies RSS feeds, uses SPF, features user-defined
> filters, gathers traffic statistics, and has a real-time indexing
> search engine."
> Obviously, email addresses are hidden from view and from harvesting.
> It's free. I have no relationship with gmane apart from being a very
> satisfied user.
> What do you think? Lisa?
> --
> cheers,
> Jakob.

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