John Posada wrote:
>I could get an email from
> someone at your company asking for more information.
> If that happens, I WILL be contacting your legal department on
> copyright infringement and I HAVE retained the posts on this thread
> as proof that I don't approve of my posts being used.
> Of course, you could sneak around the wishes that anyone else may
> have by remembering to just not use my post but ignore the wishes of
> anyone else, whether they've participated in thread or not.
> I don't think anyone else who practices copyright violation and gets
> caught expected to get caught either.


If you are of such strong opinion that simply publishing a URL (which is 
nothing more than an address) constitutes copyright violation, why did 
you ask us all to do it for you? ( ) Do you 
also plan to threaten legal action against Google, Yahoo, and all the 
other search engines that publish links to your postings in response to 
keyword searches?

Or have you just missed Jakob's point altogether, that he is not 
reproducing a single word of your copyright-protected public postings 
but is simply telling others that they exist and pointing to their 

I do not understand your reaction.

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