I know I should refrain from replying ... but ... can't ... must ... answer. :-)

On 26/01/06, Art Campbell <art.campbell at> wrote:
> Jakob,
> I believe, if you read the copyright notice on, you
> will see that ownership of posts is retained by the author. And I
> would submit that because the content of the site is copyrighted as a
> body, that body-of-work further documents each posting as belonging to
> the author.

Let's see: at

How much is this link worth?  And who does it belong to?  Rick?  The
Framers mailing list? The people?  Just talking about
the link, mind you.

These are really interesting questions, and I won't think we will find
a satisfying answer ("42" anyone?), but I also think nobody will be
able to tell whether or not I put these links in an internal document
or not.  So I think I'm safe, for the moment :-).


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