Folks, anything posted to a public e-mail list is public domain. If
you don't like it, then be careful about what you post. It's that

I'm on a ton of lists. I post a lot of information. If you notice,
none of what I post is either a trade secret or anything particularly
valuable. I sometimes follow up off-list with folks to answer
questions that go a bit more in-depth. Still, the info I share isn't
particularly sensitive, as I'm not making money off the conversation.
Anything of value is presented in the context of a private contract
(if/when I have time... which I haven't had in a few years).

All it takes is a bit of common sense. If you're concerned about the
info you're sharing, don't share it publicly.

Bill Swallow
HATT List Owner
WWP-Users List Owner
I support Char James-Tanny for STC Secretary.

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