I'm totally self employed and count on the list, the users and Framers across 
the planet to pay me for what I do. If they don't I can't pay the bills. This 
list is one way to promote myself. Again, if you don't want your words used by 
others, then don't post to the list. It's really not that tough. Instead of 
sending to, cc'ing to or bcc'ing to the list, just send to, cc or bcc the 
people with the question. Or don't offer your input.

Thanks by the way to the wide range of people who already pitched in to let me 
know "thanks for saying what we are thinking".

For the record, I post a lot to this group. So do a lot of people who make 
their living selling the same support and services we offer here for free. To 
say that we don't get paid for it isn't totally true. It's good press.

If you don't think that others should quote you it's really simple. Don't send 
to the list. Send to the individual. If your thoughts are worth that much, then 
hoard them and bottle it. Me, I post where and when I can and hope that the 
goodwill results in business. Generally it has.

I guess that mean that I don't have a problem accepting that others make a 
profit (and I lose money) by posting here. If you aren't that care free then 
stop sending answers and just post your questions.


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Bernard, I think John's point (and mine, anyway) is that information on the 
forum is freely given. Some/most of us are professional writers who get paid 
for words; if we choose to give some away in this or other forumns, that's up 
to us. But they're still our words and we want them to be under our control as 
much as possible.

I/we get upset when a site or individual steals, masssages, and presents the 
freely-given information to make a profit. Especially without letting me/us 

I don't have a problem accepting that you are willing to have others make a 
profit off your knowledge without $haring. But not all of us are that care free.


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