I think that's all the characters I can type. Now that I've typed them, put it 
into an email and sent it to the list, please do not ever use these characters 
or I will come after you in court, at your office and maybe even on the way to 
your appointment at 3:45 with the guy trying to help you with that issue 
related to your golf game.


Google for this:
"John Posada" frameusers
675 hits

147 hits

Ask Jeeves

3 pages worth


Hopefully they all have permission :)

I seriously think that this topic has gotten way goofy, even by my standards. 
If you don't want people to use what you write on the list either just send 
questions or send your answers directly to a person with the legal blather that 
says it's confidential. However, don't post to the group if you don't want them 
to use it. The whole purpose of this list is to make the life of Frame users 
better and this discussion doesn't do so.

If it's in the public domain (which this list really is and so is the web at 
large) then it's likely tough to claim ownership. There are exceptions to the 
rule, but if someone links to a URL that is available to the public and wants 
to make it a reference point to go to for help, so be it.

I think that most, if not all documentation carries the standard "if it works 
right, great, and if not then don't blame us" that legal wants. Relax people. 
It's just a link. It's just content that helps out people. If someone wants to 
connect to the list via a tool that is used internally or externally let them.

I suggest that anyone who does not want to have content used by others stop 
sending suggestions to the list. Nice and easy.

There's no point in posting the forum elsewhere as I get the results in a 
google search. (hmmmm, they have money, can we sue?) If people need to link to 
a valuable resource (read into that "postings on the list") then let them do 
so. That's what it is here for.

Now, can we get back to doing real work?


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