I have to ask the silly question. My assumption was that you wanted a
list of all formatting parameters of all tags in a file wrapped up in
a neat package.
On reading your follow-up, however, you seem to be asking how to view
the parameters
of an individual tag.... as you would using the paragraph designer tool.
Format > Paragraphs > Designer or Ctrl+m

So, to see "the parameters of the tag you are in" you press Ctrl+m and
look at the tabs.

Is this not what you're looking for? What other parameters are you
wanting to see?


On 7/10/06, Merry Foxworth <merryfoxworth at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks to several of you who replied to my question.
> This is much more complicated than I had any idea of.
> I am definitely not up for getting more products and
> having to deal with them.
> What I really don't understand is why it is not at
> least possible to see what the formatting choices are
> for the tag you are IN!!

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