Hi Merry

First, back your file up before you play with text frames on Master
pages. You can get unexpected results. Also, remember that changing the
text frame on a master page changes it for all pages that use that
master page. You can change single body pages (in the same way as I
describe below for master pages), but it's better to avoid doing so. If
you do change a body page, that change is tied to the page number, *not*
the content of the page, so you have to do it just before publication.

So, on your master page, hold down the Ctrl key and click inside a box.
That selects that text frame. Then you can drag it to move it, drag the
handles to resize it, delete it, or use the menu option Format >
Customise layout > Customise text frame to control it. 

To select multiple frames, Ctrl-click in each in turn. To deselect
frames, click somewhere on the page outside the frame. You can also copy
a selected frame/s, go to another master page, and paste the selected
frame/s into the page. That can be a quick way to get consistency.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> Merry Foxworth <merryfoxworth at yahoo.com> 11/07/06 14:06 >>>
Again, thanks to several of you, especially those who
told me about Ctrl - M.  As you all can probably tell,
I am new to FrameMaker.  

Another issue I have is the text boxes outlined by
dotted lines.  How does one change them?  I would have
thought it was possible when you switch the View to
Master Pages but I don't see how.

I found a tutorial online but I am not finding the
answers I need in it.

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