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On 7/11/06, Merry Foxworth <merryfoxworth at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Karen,
> Thanks for your reply, but no, I am not asking about
> how to change the look of the dotted lines, because
> they don't show up on the final copy (at least I don't
> think they do).  I am asking about how to manipulate,
> i.e. resize, them.  I would rather see them so I know
> where they are.

Nope, they won't show up in the final copy. They are only there for
your editing convenience. Showing or hiding Borders makes the frames
visible so you know where they are. Rebecca gave you the manipulating

> I will look for that book you mentioned in a used book
> shop near here.

Another tip: www.abebooks.com - if your local shop doesn't have it -
or they can order from there, if they belong to ABE.

> btw, you don't have to send me a message and then the
> same message to the list, because I will see it there,
> and it will avoid my getting duplicate messages.  I
> would just delete the one, but I am not sure whether
> you are telling me something different than what you
> are telling the list until I actually open both.

Sorry about that! I meant to answer to the group (knowledge sharing,
etc.). First reply went just to you, so I just sent it again - this
time to the group. Apologies about the duplication.

regards, Karen Mardahl

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