> What I really don't understand is why it is not at
> least possible to see what the formatting choices are
> for the tag you are IN!!

You can see the properties in the Paragraph Designer. FrameMaker remembers 
the Paragraph Designer's last position. Perhaps it got moved to a position 
that is no longer visible on-screen. For example, changing your monitor to a 
lower resolution could cause the old position to now be in a place that is 
off-screen and invisible. To fix it, close FrameMaker and open maker.ini for 
editing. Look under "[DialogLayout]" for a Pformat entry. Change it to 
something like "Pformat=50, 50" to reposition the Paragraph Designer to a 
spot you can see. Then, when you reload FrameMaker and your document, you 
will be able to use Control-m to open and see the Paragraph Designer again, 
and move it to where you want.

Mike Wickham

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