Schoen, Brady wrote:
> I have a question for everyone. I work for a company that builds 4 pieces of
> equipment that are all the same but are branded differently. The only
> difference in the manuals for the different brands of equipment is the 2
> pages showing decal placement. What I would like to do is to make one Book
> file for this equipment (so I don't have 4 different books to update
> everytime a change is made), and just change out the decal pages. Is it
> possible to put all the decal pages for all the brands consecutively in a
> chapter in a book and then just "Hide" the decal pages that I don't want
> shown when it is time to print so I can keep all my page numbering and
> formating intact?
> Anyone have any ideas on this? We are using Adobe Framemaker 6.0.
> Thanks,
> Brady


Read the topics on Conditional Text in the FM Help and you will have the 
info you need to do exactly what you want.

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