Why not maintain, as you say four books? Are the master pages
different? Do they show the different brands (logoes or different
If that is the case, then I would suggest four book files with four
sets of files which would be referencing by text inset the fifth (and
main) set of files or chunks. What is specific would then be added
directly into the type specific file (chapter?, section?).

I would also suggest with Fred Ridder to use variables.

Structured FM might be a good option here too. In many cases you can
use attributes insetad of variables in structured FM, just like with
XML. A lot of parts manuals are maintained in SGML/XML and/or
Structured FM.

But then I haven't seen your files, have I?

Good luck.


On 6/8/06, Schoen, Brady <Brady.Schoen at sunflowermfg.com> wrote:
> Is it at all possible to tag an entire page?
> What I have is a "Parts Drawing" on the left, and the "Parts Listing" on the
> right for each brand. The entire page is specific to each brand, not just a
> word or the drawing, the entire page. What I did was put all 8 decal pages
> (1 Drawing page and 1 parts listing page for each brand x 4
> brands)consecutively in the book. I then highlighted everything on the pages
> and tagged everything I wanted shown for each brand as a different tag. What
> happens is when I hide 3 tags and show the 1 I want in the book, it leaves a
> blank page for all the other brands decal pages that are now hidden. If I
> delete the extra pages, I can't get it to show the other three tagged items
> again. Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Brady
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> Subject: RE: Hiding Pages?
> > Exactly. But the important concept is that it is content (text,
> > graphics)
> > that gets conditionalized to be hidden rather than the pages
> > that contain the content.
> >
> > My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
> > Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com) Intel Parsippany, NJ
> Which, of course, is even better because you can fine-tune the entire
> book for a specific product.
> I have a product that gets OEM'ed under four different names. NOTHING
> changes except the name of the product and the faceplate (and the price,
> I imagine, but I digress.)
> So some of my lines look like "Configuring the ProdAProdBProdCProdD for
> Ethernet Access" when you uncondition all the text. Hide the ProdB,
> ProdC and ProdD condition tags, and it turns into "Configuring the ProdA
> for Ethernet Access."
> (Just showing Brady an example of how it might work in a finer context
> than a page.)
> Anne
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