Hi Melanie

Why do you need the PDF to be the right size? On screen, it *really* doesn't 
matter whether it's A4 or letter, and as the others said, printers cope, so 
anyone who prints your work won't lose any of it. Unless you really need your 
users to be able to print at 100% with good-looking margins, I can't see any 
reason not to just ignore the issue. Just make sure everything works okay at 

We deliver A4 PDFs worldwide. No-one in the US has ever complained. Likewise, I 
print US documents on an A4 printer and don't remember having problems for 
years. It may annoy a few of your readers, but I doubt that it annoys enough 
people to be worth the extra work you'd have to put in.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Melanie Raney" <raney at earthdecision.com> 06/24/06 3:37 PM >>>
Thanks Daniel, Diane, Rick.

I should have said before, our main method of delivery to customers is
PDF. So, we're wanting a PDF that's of the right size before it ever
gets to a paper printer.

As for recreating our template... Just for our English user guides, we
have 18 template files. We have already recreated about 10 of those
files for two other book formats (training and marketing), so we're up
to 38 now. We produce a multi-volume software user guide (totaling about
10K pages), which is rev'd 2-3 times a year--plus 5-6 trainings each
year--and we are a small writing team of only 3-6 people at any time.
It's a nightmare to think about yet another set of 38 templates to
maintain. But, if we have to we have to, and I will use your

Any others would also be welcome.

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